Fargo Marathon Analytics | 05.21.11

Saturday is usually a pretty slow day in the Inforum.com world.
This past Saturday was a bit different. Thanks to the excellent live
Fargo Marathon coverage, we ended up having a pretty good day.
Here is a quick rundown of some stats associated with the
2011 Fargo Marathon.

2011 Fargo Marathon - Analytics overview
Data Source: 05.21.11 | Report Run: 05.23.11

Overall stats - Google Analytics
Unique Visitors: 74,621
Pageviews: 258,302

Article stats - Inforum admin
Views: 67122

Live blog stats - CoverItLive
Launched: 5:14 am CDT
Running time: 6h 20min
Total unique reader: 7362
Total reader time spent: 36d 19h 6min
Total replays (so far): 25343
Total readers that spent > 1 min on blog: 65%
Total readers that spent < 1 min on blog: 35%
Average time spent per reader: 22min

Live stream stats - Justin.TV

Pace car
Running time: 02:41:58
Live viewers: 15,382

Finish line
Rinning time: 02:34:34
Live viewers: 7,868